For children between ages 2 and 4, the goals of our curriculum are to teach movement and dribbling. Our coaches will focus on balance and coordination games and stretches to teach the children to move and be flexible with different parts of their bodies. We then move into our skills section which will focus on dribbling and movement.

Our Soccer Friends USA mascots, ISA the Giraffe, ELI the Elephant and BUSTER the Lion, will all be there to cheer on the children and sometimes they will join in and play. Isa the Giraffe loves to play soccer because she has long neck which she can use to jump and head the ball. If she scores a goal, she loves to do a dance to celebrate. Eli the Elephant likes to stomp around the goal and save shots with his trunk. He loves playing soccer and is thrilled to be a part of the team. Buster the Lion likes to run fast and use his powerful kick. He’s a little bit clumsy, so he is always scraping his knees and getting boo boos.