Do you offer make-ups, If so how many make-ups am I allowed?

You are entitled to 2 make-up classes for session you miss, during the season for which your child is enrolled.  We do not allow more than 2 make-ups. We do not allow make-ups to be turned into credits, or refunds.  We do not allow make-ups to be transferred into a new season. To arrange a make-up simply e-mail us at and we will reply with a list of days, times and locations.  

What is our refund policy?

You have up to the fourth class of the season you have enrolled for to decide, if you and your child are enjoying the classes. If at,or before the fourth class you decide to pull your child from our program, then we will pro-rate the remaining classes your child still has yet to attend. There are no refunds given after the fourth class.

What will happen at the first class?

Try to arrive 15 minutes early for introduction to all of the coaching staff, classmates and to get your free T-Shirt. The head coach will talk to the parents prior to the start of the class and give you a basic outline of what to expect, depending on the age group. He or she will also be able to answer any questions after the class has finished.

What will be the structure of the class?

The structure will vary depending on the age group represented in the class. However, for children between ages 2 and 4, the structure will be the following; We will begin with our welcome chant, followed by a warm-up which will focus on balance and coordination games and stretches to teach the children to move and be flexible with different parts of their bodies.

We will then have a quick water break, and move into our skills section which will focus on dribbling and passing (for the youngest players, songs/rhymes, colors, counting, shapes, and familiar characters will be incorporated into most games). A second water break will be followed by our BIG GAME, using a variety of goals and simplified rules. We will end with a story and recap of the class, our chant, and stickers. Within this structure, our coaches have the freedom to be creative, innovative, and flexible with the lesson plans for each class.

Can I participate in the class with my child?

You know your child best. So if you feel your child would be more comfortable with you in the class at the start of the season, please feel free to join in. However we would recommend, that once your child is happily playing and is comfortable in the class, you step out so you can enjoy watching your child from the sidelines.

Should I bring food and drinks?

Please bring your own drinks. Due to safety concerns, there is no eating permitted during class. Also, food is a distraction for your child and can take their attention away from the class. Additionally, we ask that the children do not bring their own toys into class.

What should my child wear to class?

Always make sure your child has closed-toed shoes. No flip-flops, crocs or slip on sandals are permitted as they can easily come off and are therefore a safety hazard. We will provide you with a free T-shirt that should be worn to each class. This will help identify your child with SFUSA. If your child wears glasses, please ensure that they are shatter proof.

What happens if it rains?

If your class is outdoors and it is raining we will inform you, by e-mail of any cancelations. If you are in doubt or do not have access to your e-mail you can call us anytime at (718) 261-2403 or (347) 756-2568. Classes cancelled due to rain will be added onto the end of the season, except in the case of our summer camp program.

How many coaches will be supervising the class?

All classes are kept to a good coach/child ratio to maintain a consistent level of individual attention and enjoyment for your child.