Game day tips for parents

  • Always check your child’s team's schedule on the Friday before the games to avoid arriving later or earlier than needed.

  • Try to arrive to each game at least 15 minutes prior to your child's game. Our schedule is tightly packed so games will start promptly and begin without the full team arriving - we will not wait on one or two players.

  • Make sure your child has packed their shin guards, water bottle, and team shirt the night before each game.

  • Make sure your child wears comfortable athletic clothing to play in. They will have their team's jersey which will be provided by us, and given to you at the first round of games. From home they can wear sweatpants or shorts when playing, and flat sole soccer shoes or regular sneakers. NO STUDDED CLEATS.  

  • For parents watching please be aware that the spectating area is very close to the field, therefore always be paying attention to watching the game, and the ball to avoid being hit by the ball or players who overrun the field boundary. Avoid standing close to the goals.

  • Respect that other games are going on when you arrive and after, so no walking or hanging out in the playing area.

  • Lastly, we want you to cheer on your child, and show good sportsmanship to all teams and players. Avoid coaching from the sidelines as this will just confuse your child. Our coaches will give the instructions and make sure the children are always safe, learning, and most importantly enjoying their Futsal experience. We will not tolerate bad sportsmanship, language, or abuse to our referees.