Soccer Friends USA now offers classes that teach Spanish and soccer at the same time!  These classes follow our main program objective and mission of creating a basis for a life-long enjoyment of being active, all while also learning a new language. As always, we measure the success by the positive experiences of each student. 

Learning Spanish is easier and more fun with SFUSA, we introduce new words in each class; we focus on such topics as different body parts, how to say the names of different animals, fruits, colors, and numbers. We’ll also help your child to master dynamic actions such as jumping, running, hopping, and stretching. We teach the youngest children through imaginative play while helping them to improve their overall coordination, balance, and basic soccer skills of dribbling and shooting goals. These classes have already proven to be very popular. Please check out the below comments from some SFUSA families who have already joined in on the fun!  

We believe the earlier you start your child on the path to learning a new language, the more success they will have understanding it in the future. Our Spanish language classes start with children 2 years old up to 6 years old.  Please go and see our schedule and register to book your class online, or simply call us at 718-261-2403.